Shwe In Bin Monastery

Shwe In Bin Monastery (or Shweinbin Monastery) is a Buddhist monastery located on the corner of 89th and 38th Streets, at the bend of the Thinga Yazar Channel, about 1.6K South West from the Royal Palace in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma).

Built around 1895 by the family of a local Jade merchant the solid teak timbered monastery follows the classic lines of Burmese monastic architecture. Essentially the builders sink many large teak logs in a grid pattern. They stand about 12 feet tall above ground. About 6 feet up the poles they lay a platform and from there start building upwards. The end result is a high set pavilion with stone steps added on all sides to access the buildings. The platform houses a central spire which is surrounded by several multi roofed monastic pavilions.

Shwe-In-Bin-Monastery-Mandalay-Visit-Myanmar (3)If you are a woodturner or in any way interested in woodwork you will really appreciate the buildings here. The intricate carvings and woodwork on the roofs, walls, ceilings, bannisters, fencing and outer walls is beautiful.

Inside the main monastic pavilion is a prayer hall with some lovely Buddha statues on a raised platform. Remember, this is a working monastery so if the monks are not at prayer you can enter this area, otherwise be polite and look in through the doorways.

If you visit Shwe In Bin Monastery by yourself you will be impressed simply by its beauty. If you go with a knowledgable local guide then you will benefit by them explaining to you what all the different rooms are used for and the stories behind some of the carvings. Ask your guide to show you and tell you the story about the carving of the Prince, the girl and the wolf outside near the water well. While you are at it, ask about the carvings at the corners in front of the Buddha statue inside and the big slabs of jade outside in the garden.

Google Map reference to locate the Shwe In Bin Monastery in Mandalay – Google Map

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It is no wonder that Shwe In Bin Monastery is listed as a must see item in every tour guide book. Go and check it out.

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