Le Htat Gyi Paya

Le Htat Gyi Paya (or Lay Htat Gyi Paya) is located in the South East part of Inwa (Ava). This place is not normally included in any horse cart rides as it is a bit too far to include in their shorter trips.

Le-Htat-Gyi-Paya-Inwa-Visit-Myanmar (1)Well worth stopping here if you are travelling by car or motorbike and seeing what would have once been a magnificent large temple.

Built at the top of three terraces on a small rise the building was damaged by earthquakes and abandoned ages ago. Today all that remain are mostly the front facade and left side.

There are some interesting remants of the interior of the building inside. The front left terrace wall still has ancient facinating figures carved into the remaining terrace wall.

Google Map reference to help you locate Le Htat Gyi PayaGoogle maps

Le Htat Gyi Paya (or Lay Htat Gyi Paya) is a good example showcasing the skills of the ancient atrisans.

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