Kyaung Lain Monastery

A small idyllic group of ancient ruins lie directly down the road behind the Bagaya Monastery. The group contains from left to right, the Wingaba Monastery, Myint Mo Taung Pagoda, Lawka Dawtha Man Aung Pagoda and the Kyaung Lain Monastery.

What is unusual about this group built between 1715 – 1730AD are both the square and the circular buildings with parapet flat roofs. Most temples and pagodas in Myanmar all have pointy spires on top, not flat roofs.

Wingaba-Monastery-Inwa-Visit-MyanmarInside the square two story building on the left (Wingaba Monastery) there is a large square room in the center. Take a torch or use your mobile phone as a light. Four staircases, one in each corner, lead from the ground floor to the upper floor which has corridors that run around the inside of the building. On the roof are the remanants of several spires or stupas that would have stood proudly on top of the building.

Myint-Mo-Taung-Pagoda-Inwa-Visit-Myanmar (2)To the immediate right of Wingaba Monastery you have the circular Myint Mo Taung with a staircase on the outside leading to the rooftop. Either side of the main staircase are two other staircases that only go up to the first floor level. From the rooftop on which are sited a small square and circular stupa you will be rewarded with great views of the small complex and the surrounding countryside.

Lawka-Dawtha-Man-Aung-Pagoda-Inwa-Visit-MyanmarTo the right of Myint Mo Taung is a tall whiteish spired stupa named Lawka Dawtha Man Aung Pagoda. There is a small shrine with a statue of Buddha in the small building beside Lawka Dawtha Man Aung Pagoda.

Kyaung-Lain-Monastery-Inwa-Visit-MyanmarThe Kyaung Lain Monastery at the far right completes the quartet. This building has it own pecularity in that it has a massive recess in the center of the front and side external walls housing a large stupa that acts as the entrance. You walk through the base of the stupa to enter the main building. A really unique design to anywhere else in Myanmar. At the rear of the building is a staircase that leads to the upper level of the building. Access to the top may not be possible due to a partial roof collapse.

Google Map reference to help you locate Kyaung Lain MonasteryGoogle Maps

This group of ancient buildings including Kyaung Lain Monastery, Lawka Dawtha Man Aung Pagoda, Myint Mo Taung Pagoda and the Wingaba Monastery is just one of those off beat places that make a trip truely worthwhile.

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