Shwe-Kyet-Kya and Shwe-Kyet-Yet are a pair of pagodas built in the 12th century beside the Irrawaddy River (Ayeyarwady River) just before you cross the new bridge to Sagaing.

Shwe-Kyet-Yet-Pagoda-Amarapura-Mandalay-Visit-Myanmar (1)The name means Golden Fowl Run in honour of one of Buddha’s reputed past lives when he was reincarnated as a chicken.

There is a main road that divides the pair of pagodas. To get to the first pagoda, from the road go towards the river up to Shwe Kyet Kya. After a mass of small stupas you reach the river terrace and have great views across the river to the hillsides of Sagaing which are covered in golden pagodas.

Shwe-Kyet-Yet-Pagoda-Amarapura-Mandalay-Visit-Myanmar (2)To get to the other pagoda start from the road going away from the river. You go up a long covered walkway up a small hill to Shwe Kyet Yet, again past many stupas and monuments.

At the end of August – beginning of September every year many local villages surrounding Shwe Kyet Yet gather on the river in front of Shwe Kyet Kya to hold a river boat festival to give thanks to Buddha.

Google Maps reference to find Shwe Kyet Yet and Shwe Kyet KyaGoogle Maps

A visit to Shwe-Kyet-Kya and Shwe-Kyet-Yet is worth it just for the views over the Irrawaddy River to Saigaing.

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