Nagayon Pagoda

The Nagayon Pagoda (sometimes called the Nagayon Temple) is situated on the Western bank of Taungthaman Lake just two streets behind the Amarapura Railway Station in southern Mandalay, Myanmar.

Reportedly built between 1800 – 1850 the Nagayon Pagoda is a small pagoda built within the old city of Amarapura. It has the exterior form of a dragon or naga.

Nagayon-Pagoda-Amarapura-Mandalay-1855-Visit-MyanmarThis is the Naga Muchalinda who is said to have protected the Buddha while he was meditating. In other temples you will often see a naga depicted immediately behind and above an image of the meditating Buddha, almost forming a sheltering chair.

In Nagayon’s case, an enormous Naga looms protectively above the entire pagoda building that within shelters an image of the Buddha.

Nagayon-Pagoda-Amarapura-Mandalay-2017-Visit-MyanmarThe images above are from 1855 and 2017. Not much has changed in all that time.

Google Map reference to help you locate the Nagayon Temple in Amarapura – Google Maps

Even though Nagayon Pagoda is a well preserved little pagoda it would just be a point of interest if you were in Western Amarapura going between Pahtodawgyi Pagoda and the Mahagandayon Monastery.

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