Pon Daw Pagoda

Embarking from your ferry ride at Mingun beach you will first have to purchase your ticket to see the sights, the cost is 5,000K. After you get your ticket the first place to stop is at Pon Daw Pagoda.

Pon-Daw-Pagoda-Mingun-Visit-Myanmar (1)Pon Daw Pagoda, at 15 feet tall, is a small scaled replica model of what the nearby 150m tall Mingun Pahtodawgyi would have looked like had it been finished. It would have been built around 1799 to be used as a working model by the temple architects.

Whilst there is not much to see at Pon Daw Pagoda you can get a real appreciation of just how huge the Mingun Pahtodawgyi would have been. From the replica you can see the square base section is only about one third of the height of the whole temple. When you go further up the street and see the real base structure you can imagine just how tall the whole thing would have been. It would have been simply staggering.

From Pon Daw Pagoda head up the gently sloping road about 50m and you will see Settawya Pagoda, also called Sat Taw Yar Pagoda, on your right.

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