Kyaung Lain Monastery

A small idyllic group of ancient ruins lie directly down the road behind the Bagaya Monastery. The group contains from left to right, the Wingaba Monastery, Myint Mo Taung Pagoda, Lawka Dawtha Man Aung Pagoda and the Kyaung Lain Monastery. … Continue reading

Desada Taya Pagoda

Desada Taya Pagoda is a small white temple with several white stupas beside it. Very pictauresque on a sunny day. Most horse cart drivers do not stop here as it is not deemed important enough to stop. You can often … Continue reading

Bagaya Monastery

The Bagaya Monastery (Bagaya Kyaung – Kyaung is Burmese for Monastery) is one of the most popular tourist stops in Inwa (Ava), Mandalay. Built around 1835 it is built on and around over 260 massive teak logs. Set amidst rice … Continue reading